Airsoft FAQ – What is a Hi-Cap and Why Do I Need One?

Hey Cap is a normally involved shortening for High-Capacity, explicitly a high-limit magazine utilized with electric airsoft firearms. Assuming you are new to airsoft and anticipate taking an interest in group conflicts, a hello cap intended for your AEG is an unquestionable requirement. These magazines hold up to multiple times more airsoft BBs than a standard mag, and will permit you to remain occupied with game significantly longer and with less stacking breaks.

While a standard magazine utilizes a regular growing spring, a greetings cap magazine utilizes a more space-proficient band spring that breezes into a loop. (A hey cap magazine can fire when there is adequate pressure in the curled band spring.) It is not difficult to Wind the spring… just turn the wheel which is generally situated at the foundation of the magazine until you hear a particular clicking commotion which demonstrates that the spring is 38 super ammo for sale  To stack, utilize a pipe or your hand to empty the BBs into the opening at the base until the supply is noticeably full. Then, ensure your AEG is set to protected mode, and slide the hello there cap into the foundation of the weapon. Whenever the greetings cap is appropriately set up, you ought to hear the BBs enter your airsoft AEGs feed point. That implies you are all set. When stacked, a hey cap magazine will provide you with a constant stock of ammunition during airsoft play and guarantee that you can cause most extreme harm on the field.

Whenever you have wrapped up utilizing the firearm, it is essential to accurately store it. This implies delivering the strain in the Hi-Cap’s spring. To do this, hold the howdy mag topsy turvy over a pack, box or compartment (to get BBs that fall) and press the delivery button (normally situated close to the feed opening.) You will hear the spring loosen up and BB’s will drop out. After the spring is totally loosened up, void out any waiting BB’s and you are prepared to store your high-limit mag until your next conflict.

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