Travel Packing Checklist


Keep this data in a single little secure pack, securely concealed and keep

ownership of your carry-on consistently.

Q Passport

Q Eye Glass Prescription

Q Drivers License

Q Birth Certificate

Q Medical/Dental Insurance Card

Q Personal Insurance Paper


nangs delivery brisbane these things are appropriately stamped and in a little, clear zip-loc pack.

You’ll need to show these to the security individuals.

Q Alka Seltzer

Q Vitamins

Q Pain Killers (for example Headache medicine/Tylenol)

Q Pepto Bismol

Q Prescription (s)

Q Antacid Tablets (for example Tums/Rolaids)


Know about new security limitations in regards to fluids. Inns frequently offer

free hair dryers (ask before you pack) cleanser, toothpaste and cream.

It could save you a ton of baggage space and bother at security.

Q Suntan Lotion/Sun Block

Q Sun Burn Pain Relief (i.e., Solarcaine)

Q Tooth Brush/Paste

Q Deodorant

Q Shampoo

Q Skin Lotion

Q Comb/Hairbrush

Q Hair Dryer

Q Razors/Shavers

Q Shaving Cream

Q Gel/Mouse/Hairspray


Bringing a lot attire can be more awful than adequately not. Bring garments that pack

well (don’t flaw) and fill different needs.

Q Bathing Suit

Q Shirts (short/long sleeve)

Q Shorts

Q Trousers

Q Socks

Q Belts

Q Underwear

Q Thermal Underclothing

Q Bras

Q Stockings

Q Nightgowns

Q Pajamas

Q Sandals

Q Sneakers

Q Dresses

Q Jacket

Q Suit (s)

Q Tie (s)

Q Sweaters

Q Rainwear

Various ITEMS

Keep your camera with you consistently. Scissors, nail records and umbrellas will have

to be checked. Assuming that you’re ready to do continue just, you’ll likely need to purchase those things once you show up.

Q Clear zip-loc sacks

Q Electric module converter

Q Sewing Kit

Q Repair Glues (fast drying)

Q Scissors

Q Camera

Q Film/memory card

Q Batteries/charger

Q Umbrella

Q Cell/Mobile Phone

By Craig Farrington

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