Are Lalaloopsy Dolls the Next Cabbage Patch Dolls

Casual observers may notice that the new Lalaloopsy dolls share some similarities to the Cabbage Patch dolls that became a sensation in the early 80’s The obvious question to ask here is are these similarities great enough to make the Lalaloopsy dolls an equally popular toy among children this holiday season?

The Cabbage Patch Kids dolls were extremely impressive creations. The most impressive feature of these dolls is that each one was created to be unique by manipulating a number of variables such as gender, skin color, eye color, dimples, freckles, teeth, mouth shape, hair color, hair style, and so on ラブドール通販 . They were remarkable in the doll world for providing a doll as individual and unique as the child who received it. They have their own little story, birthday and birth certificate for children to enjoy.

Lalaloopsy dolls also offer recognition of a child’s uniqueness, but in a different way. There are only a set number of Lalaloopsy dolls, each one is not a unique creation, but instead are characters in a fictional land. But each character does have its own story and birthday, and the character traits of each doll can be matched up to the interests of a young girl so that she can enjoy a personalized gift that recognizes her unique personality. In this way, a Lalaloopsy doll is quite similar to the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls in providing a doll that a child can connect with on a more individualized level.

However, there are also some differences that should be recognized in order to see whether the frenzy surrounding the Cabbage Patch Dolls will actually be duplicated with the Lalaloopsy dolls. The main difference is in regards to the target audience. The Cabbage Patch dolls were made to appeal to a wide range of people with different preferences in skin color, gender, and all the other factors. Lalaloopsy dolls are targeted specifically at young girls, whereas Cabbage Patch Kids also appealed to young boys and even adults. This was a large factor driving the popularity of the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, and without the same broad range of appeal it seems unlikely that the Lalaloopsy dolls will create as much of a frenzy.

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