Female Exploitation Illustrations: Pornography

Pornography is pretty influential on the Internet. Don’t believe it? Then you haven’t been online long enough.

Watching porn reduces your living value. It erodes your morals. It burns your sense of decency regarding love/courtship like a light-stick to a fire-cracker. It animalizes you, if that’s a word but now it is, and makes you feel women are objects solely designed to provide men with sexual pleasure. It never makes you see the opposite sex the way you ever did before. Compare the way you were before you first got introduced to porn, to the way you are now, having experienced whatever you’ve experienced. I, for a FACT, know I’m not as light & innocent as I used to be, before adult mags got lent to me. And No, I don’t think that’s part of becoming an adult. Unless I’m terribly misinformed.

Porn is like a black hole: Once you’re in, you’re sucked deeper & deeper, realizing it virtually has no limit at all. A good way of finding out is turning off the search filter of a search engine & searching for porn in general: By clickling through the links of the first page, you typically get some websites that contain dozens of thumb-sized porn pics Shibuya Kaho . Every one of those links, leads you to another pornsite, often of the same format of the one you’re on. However the subject matter increases, meaning you get more ‘quality’ than you first got. What’s disturbing is that by starting from a niche like teen porn, for example, these sublayers of pornsites lurking beneath the surface, can seem to show the teen actresses as younger & younger. It doesn’t take long before you come across a picture where you realize the actress is younger than a teenager! To the perverted, pedophile mind, therefore, some forms of child pornography are publicly available, and a lot more accessible than people think! Hurrah! We’ve made a section of the crime mainstream!

Porn consumption increases your tolerance to more, higher-intensity porn, which in turn increases your acceptance level for anything twisted, like bestiality etc. You become a pawn of the provider, susceptible to ANYthing it deems fit to show you. Your individual ability to control yourself therein gets slaughtered ascendingly with every visit. Porn-sites are typically also infamous havens of Trojans, viruses & all other stuff to give your firewall a headache. It’s pointless to prosecute anyone though, as most providers only let the cat out of the bag, if you’ve consented your agreement to them serving adult content & you being of adult age. Blaming them for any damage caused by immorality is like complaining to a weapons manufacturer for developing a gun you just bought, for being able to kill somebody!

Porn is highly addictive. A lot of people who consume it, don’t even realize they’re addicted. Porn ruins quality of life/interaction-skills with the opposite sex. Something as simple & pleasurable as dating, becomes… Houston, we have a problem. Abort! Abort!

Watching excessive porn over longer periods confuses your sexuality: It’s not exactly normal to see naked members of your gender in your life, at regular intervals. For example, a guy at most sees another naked guy or naked guys when showering together in a locker room, as part of the sports team. Or when going to a public swimming-pool & changing/showering over there. Basically, there’s not a whole lot of amount guys see other guys naked. I presume so about girls as well, but feel free to prove me wrong. Lots of regular porn introduces an artificially high amount of nudity of the same sex in your awareness & sustains it. The result? You become desensitized a whole lot more than otherwise, tending to see sexual practices on your sex by your sex as normal. If you’re not straight, then I guess viewing porn just reinforces your sexuality. Stating this, I’m not accusing any sexuality of good or bad. If you’re not secure in your heterosexuality however, habitually watching porn may not be a good idea. But suit yourself!

Jenna Jameson, born Jennifer Marie Massoli on April 9, 1974, rose to fame as a porn star after appearances in men’s magazines such as Hustler and Penthouse. Jameson also founded multi media adult entertainment company ClubJenna, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is famous among adults who view adult films, and people who are curious about the adult film industry are familiar with her name.

This year, Jameson decided to retire from adult filmmaking. After all, she’s 33 years old now, and we all know the porn industry focuses predominantly on very young men and women; most in their very early 20s. To mark this decision, Jameson decided to remove her signature DD breast implants and, it is reported, go back to her own natural C cup breasts.

But did she really remove the implants? There are people who believe that Jameson simply reduced the size of her implants. Her perfectly rounded, now C cup breasts still bear the artificial “ball shape” that trademarks manufactured breasts. And although it was plastic surgeon Garth Fisher who “removed” the implants in a three hour surgery, the lack of visible scarring and drooping that can be seen on the breasts in Jameson’s “bikini shots” seem to indicate that there wasn’t much need for the skin tucks and nipple jobs that would have been necessary to completely remove DD sized implants. Breast skin (like skin anywhere else on the body) once it’s stretched, does not simply “bounce back” to its original size in a short amount of time. Like a three hour surgery.

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