Comparison: Vivo v21E vs iPhone 4.3″ Jelly Sandwich

The all new vivo V 21E is equipped with a high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity allowing users to download and upload information within seconds Vivo V21e . This compact device has a large memory space with support for various storage formats including the MMC card, SD, CF and Memory Stick. With support for advanced Quick File Transfer System, the Vivo V21E is able to instantly upload images, videos, music, text documents and other data. With exclusive software that allows users to easily enjoy a wide variety of home, personal and professional applications, it is easy to use this amazing device.

With the ability to capture images in high resolution with a high frame rate, users can enjoy the ultimate picture quality. The camera has a wide colour support and an auto detection full QWERTY keyboard. The all-in-one device has a user friendly interface that includes a touch screen, video capture, image editing, video recording and dual audio options. With the ability to connect to the internet, users can instantly download and view photos from their device or upload files from the internet using compatible Wi-Fi capable devices. With a high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity, downloading to the Vivo V21E is quick and easy. For those on the go, the single removable media card can be connected to any compatible USB port or powered device to help users move quickly and easily.

With the Vivo V21E, there are two methods for taking photos with it. The front camera setup option lets you connect the unit to your PC with the USB cable while the secondary camera setup option connects the unit to your PC with the USB cable but not the camera. In addition, this unit allows you to connect to your PC wirelessly using the Bluetooth adapter. The wireless setup option allows you to take pictures using the front and rear cameras even when the unit is powered off or is in sleep mode. It also offers users an option of changing facial expressions with a press of a button while still shooting photos.

A lot has been said about the superior photo quality offered by the Vivo v21E. There have been several forums where users discuss the differences between the unit as compared to other smart phones like the iPhone and HTC Evo. One of the key things noted is the speed of the camera setup. Users claim that the device is quick to launch apps and launch the camera. This helps them access important information within a short span of time. Apart from that, users appreciate the large LCD display that is easy to read in both brightness and contrast.

When it comes to camera performance, the Vivo v21E scores fairly high in the comparison made with other smartphone devices. The front and back cameras are equipped with different features. For example, the rear cam has a motion sensor that can automatically trigger the video recording process if there is an obstruction in the view. However, the android version has a bit less number of pixels which translates to low resolution.

Another notable difference between the two smartphones is the display quality. The Vivo v 21E has a higher pixel density for a pixel filled phone. This makes the text on the screen more vibrant and sharp. The HTC Evo is equipped with a slightly smaller screen which might affect the viewing experience. In terms of battery life, the two handsets have about the same amount of talk time.

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