Whey Protein: It’s The Taste That Kills

Whey is a natural product that has become the Protein Muscle Fuel of choice for Body Builders, but they can’t claim discovery of it. While it is not clear when it was first used, we know that Hippocrates (4th century B.C) used Whey liberally for its natural healing qualities particularly in the treatment of liver disease and gout. Whey has also served the beauty market for more than thousand years, both for weight loss and skin care Legal Steroids Europe .

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Now Whey is drawing new attention in a new market segment: the ordinary Gym workout crowd that is adopting the new fitness and weight loss paradigm of Interval training.

While Whey in its natural form as a byproduct in cheese-making is still being used much the same way, the Whey Protein that is marketed to Body-Builders in Mega doses at Gyms and Nutrition Stores, may be more hazardous than beneficial to the users Health. Why? Because the Whey in these products has been highly processed, blended and adulterated with the objective to hook the consumers on the taste so they use more of it. This doesn’t resonate well with the Health conscious Fitness Individual searching for complementary Protein to burn more Fat.

Unprocessed natural Whey Powder has about 11% protein and 75% carbohydrates, Fibers, abundant B-Vitamins, Minerals (rich in highly absorbable calcium) and Amino acids. But in order to build muscle supernaturally quickly, the percentage Protein must be increased and the Carbohydrates (from Lactose) decreased. This is fairly easy to do by filtering liquid Whey in a process called Ultrafiltration. While the Protein can be concentrated and isolated to nearly 100%, the other Nutrients are lost proportionally. As with any processed Food product, the lost natural Nutrients and Flavors must then be added in form of synthetic substitutes that feature limitless shelve live.

Nevertheless, it is possible to produce all natural high-Protein Whey and there are a few “All Natural Body-Builders Whey Protein” products available, albeit hardly at a Gym or mainstream Supermarket. It may require some searching on the web using the right key words.

Unfortunately though, the vast majority of Whey Proteins are highly toxic concoctions with incompatible and antagonistic ingredients that can offset or invalidate the beneficial Health effects of Whey altogether; some aggressively advertised products amount to nothing more than flavored toxic gunk. It is therefore in the consumers’ best interest to read – and understand the Ingredients Labels before buying a product. The majority of fancy name products promising instant success and great taste from flavors reminiscent of complex desserts use several synthetic sweeteners and toxic chemicals that are detrimental to the Athlete’s goal. Here is a list of typical Ingredients to avoid like the plague:

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