Weight Loss Benefits – Trade That Extra Weight For A Healthy Long Life

The daily number of deaths from heart diseases keeps increasing everyday and the number of non – fatal heart attacks keeps multiplying and about one third of adults in USA are reported to have High Blood Pressure. This is really astonishing. We know very well that High Blood Pressure (HBP) among other illnesses, is the major cause of heart diseases, non-fatal heart attacks and stroke, and about 80% of these problems are caused by overweight. Why should we be suffering all these losses and pains when there are weight loss benefits to our advantage?

In a very simple grammar, we need to look at some of the problems and sicknesses above with other ones attached to overweight and see how weight loss benefits can help us out.

1. Heart disease: With excess body weight, it takes real hard work for the heart to perform its function of supplying blood to all the body parts and in a bid to do this, it is exposed to so much stress and strains which unquestionably affects the health of our heart – giving rise to all sorts of heart diseases. Good fat loss program helps in peeling those extra weights that poses problem to our heart away. This is number one of weight loss benefits.

2. High Blood Pressure: When the heart is to work beyond its normal capacity due to overweight, the pressure at which the blood is supplied in the arteries automatically has to be high in other to reach all the parts. This is why overweight is said to be the major cause of High blood pressure. Lose a little weight and observe Revitaa pro great reduction on your Blood Pressure. This is the number 2 of weight loss benefits.

Another thing that can cause high blood pressure is the presence of plaque inside the arteries – this retards the movement of blood in the artery, and in other to achieve maximum supply, the heart over-works itself by exerting more pressure, resulting to High Blood Pressure. Diets with high saturated fat should be taken with care- the calorie from fat per meal should be less than 25%. Weight loss benefits in taking this risk away.

3. Good cholesterol level: We have the LDL – (Artery clogging cholesterol) and HDL (artery – cleaning Cholesterol). LDL is known as bad cholesterol and HDL is known as good cholesterol. Good cholesterol can be improved by being close to or at your ideal body weight and this can be achieved through a good fat loss program. This is number 3 of weight loss benefits.

4. Diabetes: An overweight of 11 to 18 pounds doubles the risk of type 2 diabetes. Overweight and diabetes has a direct link. About 80% of those suffering from diabetes are overweight or obese. Fat loss can lower the risk. A fat loss of about 5-8% drastically reduces the risk of overweight. This is the number 4 of weight loss benefits.

5. Cancer: Research has just shown that overweight and obesity are associated with increased risk of endometrial, gallbladder, colon, kidney, prostrate and post menopausal cancers. With a weight loss program, the risk is bound to decrease. This is the number 5 of weight loss benefits.

6. Arthritis: The risk of arthritis development is reported to increase from about 10 – 13% by an added weight of 2 pounds. Fat loss improves the symptoms of arthritis. This is the number 6 of weight loss benefits.

7. Sleep Disorders: Breath interruption during Sleep, Known as sleep apnea is very common in overweight and obese people. Snoring and blocked breathing passages could make one to have inadequate sleep, leading to drowsiness during the day. Weight loss benefits in reducing sleep apnea.

Overweight can increase risk of gall bladder disease, irregular menstrual circle and pregnancy complications. It can as well lead to anxiety and depression. The list continues but the truth remains that the more overweight one is, the more his or her chances of developing health problems. Weight loss benefits are there for you, trade that extra weight and live a healthier life.

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